I’m back and no longer playing secret squirrel!

I’m back from my travels with as much if a tan as a pasty guy can expect and many stories to talk about!

I’m also finally writing the email that I promised so many of you I’d write to tell you what I’m actually doing now for work. I know I’ve been playing secret squirrel until now but it’s come to a stage where I can talk about it.

So the long and short of it is that I’ve joined James Moody (innovator, entrepreneur andauthor who you may remember from ABC’s New Inventors) and a small, very talented team to work on two startup projects: TuShare and Sendle.

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Solving Battery Anxiety During Big Rides And Travelling

Momax iPowerYou may already be aware from my previous post that I rode 600km over 2 days recently to raise money for Good Return. However, what you may not realise is how important it was to have charged lights, phone and GPS for the 30 hours or so of riding time.

When stumped with this problem it seemed like the best solution was to have a portable USB emergency charger (a battery that you carry with you to charge other batteries). I found the Momax iPower 16800mAh External Battery Pack and decided to give it a go because it had one of the highest battery capacities (about 9 full iPhone charges). Not only did it really save me on the big ride, it has also been a useful device to travel around Europe with!

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2014 Cycle to End Poverty: Festum Prophate Ride Report

Sunday at 6:10pm marked the end of my 600 gruelling kilometres and just over 25 hours in the saddle, many of which were off road & hard climbs. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent messages of support and those that demonstrated their support for me by ponying up the cash to also support something that I care deeply about. Thank you from all the people whose lives will be changed by getting access to the means to bring themselves out of poverty.

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My USB Charging Station

Solving my USB charging problems with the Capdase Porto

One Thursday morning after a 140km ride before work, I was starting to plug in my lights, phone, Suunto Ambit 2, iPad Mini, Bluetooth headphones and iPhone charger case. I quickly realised that I had not only run out of USB outlets on my computer to charge everything, but that everything was also charging very slowly. I clearly needed a better charging solution.

After doing some Googling, I decided to give the Capdase Porto V4 Quartet USB Power Adapter a go. This was in part because it comes with all the international power outlet adapters I’ll need when travelling Europe for a month in June/July with my wife.

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Luke’s Cycle to End Poverty – June 14th 2014

Luke's Cycle to End PovertyI’m training to ride 600km on June 14th-15th and in the process I want to make a difference and fundraise to help reduce global poverty. This cause is deeply important to me.

Here’s the bonus: I am personally matching every dollar donated to Good Return through this link.

I’d really appreciate any contribution, big or small. This support will go a long way to helping people in need and knowing that I have your support will be a BIG factor in helping me complete the ride (it’s MUCH further than I’ve ever done).

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Taking the plunge with an iPhone battery case

This month, after holding out for a while for fear of a bulky phone and a state of indecision, I finally decided to give an iPhone charger case a go.

Dexim XPowerSkin

Dexim XPowerSkin

After um-ing and ah-ing for a while about what style of case I should try first I decided to go for the Dexim XPowerSkin case which encapsulates the entire phone and has a button on the back just to turn on charging functions.

I thought this month would be a great one to trial it seeing as I was doing a 336km ride that’d require me having enough battery to track my ride, get map directions and listen to some audiobooks. Quite a trial by fire!

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Live life to the fullest

10 lessons for living life to the fullest

I’ve spent my entire life over-committed, to a fault actually. It came to a crunch a few years ago when the exhaustion hit me.

Fast forward to now and I’ve got my priorities in much better order. I’ve picked up a bunch of useful techniques to help me try and get the most out of my limited time on this planet so I thought I could share some of my life hacking and productivity tips… put my inner-nerd to good use.

On that note, let me introduce the 10 things I’m learning about taking control of my life to live it to the fullest (disclaimer: I’m certainly no expert, these are just anecdotes, but I hope they can be helpful for some people).

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My audible, underwater adventures

At first the water felt ice cold as his waist first was submerged. He felt a tingling in his recently injured shoulder as his arm sliced through the water, hurling himself closer to the headland. Another wave crashed over his head as the taste of salt started to set in. His ears wear blasting with the sound of “bubbles… gasp… bubbles… gasp” mixed with the words “We worked for some months in a spacious basement suite in which we had set up a closed-circuit system that projected an image of the subject’s pupil on a screen in the corridor…”.

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Trialling of an iPhone Bike Mount: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Tigra Bike Mount Console for iPhone 5/5S

Tigra Bike Mount Console for iPhone 5/5S

When was the last time you were more than 30 meters (90 feet or so) away from your iPhone? It’s certainly a rare occurrence. Seeing as I always bring it on the bike with me for emergencies and ride tracking I thought it would be good to try a bike mount.

After my amazing success with the Avantalk Jogger Bluetooth Headphones I also got the Tigra Bike Console Mount from the Mobile Zap iPhone 5S Cases site.

Here’s my thoughts on the product…

The Good

Firstly, it’s great to have the phone mounted safely and waterproofed so that it isn’t in danger of getting wet when sitting in my pockets/bag.

On the few occasions that I needed maps it was incredibly useful in providing a safe way to get around. This is the most valuable feature for me.

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Great Bluetooth Headphones for Cycling and Jogging… Finally!

It’s been so hard to find good headphones for exercising and last month I picked up a pair of Avantalk Jogger headphones and all month I’ve had comments and people asking me questions about them so I thought I’d put them down here and do a little review.

The’ve been fantastic!

Avantree Jogger Green

Avantree Jogger Green

During October I rode 2,000km to raise money for the Children’s Medical Research Institute and these were a life saver. I listened to over 120 hours of audiobooks and podcasts and got a lot of milage out of my bike and my headphones!

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